What Makes Site Hoardings More Effective At Boosting Brand Awareness?

There can be little doubt that site hoardings constitute one of the best ways of drawing attention to a construction site’s marketing suite and of drumming up business from passers-by as well as locals.

As a billboard-style advertisement, a well-positioned site hoarding is a cost-effective way to let people know that the homes you  are building are either ready for sale or coming soon.

However, their functionality can go far beyond this simple marketing messaging. They are great ways of reinforcing your brand image, as well. When it comes to brand awareness, house builders, in particular, need to make sure they remain one step ahead of the game.

Brand awareness drives sales channels but it also acts as a mark of distinction from competitors, too. Furthermore, solid brand awareness in the construction sector can also help sourcing financing more readily, too.

How do site hoardings help with brand awareness?

Building Hoarding

Visual Marketing

If you erect site hoardings around your development that simply point the way to your marketing suite, then you are certainly on the right track. That said, well-designed hoardings will have a signage design that offers much more than a way-finding experience for would-be buyers.

They should, of course, be put together in a way that matches the rest of your visual marketing identity, as well. Emphatically, this does not mean simply including your corporate logo within the signage design – although this is a key thing to incorporate.

What do site hoardings do?

The site hoardings you commission should complement your brand recognition by being made with your exact corporate colours being replicated. Indeed, the typeface used and the overall design should precisely match the visual identity of your corporate website and the sales material that will be available at your marketing suite. In other words, your visual marketing strategy should always be reinforced by site hoardings and never look like an afterthought or a pale reflection.

Site Hoardings

Building Wraps

When you want to make a splash, there are few better ways than ‘wrapping’ a site with suitable signage. Of course, in some urban developments, wrapping may be a requirement of the local authority to prevent unwarranted access and excessive dust. If so, then a building wrap can serve multiple purposes, including boosting a brand profile that investors, buyers and the general public can all easily recognise.

Bear in mind that such an approach, especially where custom designed banners or ACM panels are used, not only creates a visual indication of your development’s brand and presence but it also sends the message that you are a high-quality organisation. 

Building Wrap The Rise

Forward-Thinking Brands

If you opt for up-to-the minute graphic signage panels or site hoardings with integrated LED lighting features or interactive functions, then your brand will clearly receive a boost compared to conventional advertising methods. These hoarding systems stand out more, especially at night when they are altogether more vibrant and eye-catching.

However, they do more for a brand than merely winning your business more attention. Such modern hoardings set you apart from competitors which can seem old-fashioned by comparison. These are the options worth considering not only when you want to make a splash but when you want to promote a development brand identity that is forward-thinking and progressive, too.