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The Importance Of Your Exhibition Stand Design

We know it seems pretty obvious what your exhibition stand needs to do, but it’s not always understood just how much of an impact your stand can actually make. It’s a vital part of your sales and marketing process – a key player in your team and here at 4-Site we like to make sure it’s voice is well heard! 

Let’s use a couple of extremes to make our point shall we. A poor quality stand with a hashed together look definitely makes a statement.  It says ‘we have rushed this as we’re not very organised’ or ‘we don’t really think about the whole process’.  It certainly doesn’t say that you’ll be getting a thorough end-to-end service that has your own branding at the forefront of the process throughout.

If you’ve taken a look at any of our other services you’ll see we have a running theme.  We like to do things properly at 4-Site and we like you to stand out and make an impression! For your product to get to market, you’ll already know there are a multitude of steps – almost a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is no less important than the others. Whichever part of your marketing process we’re creating for you, we don’t just look at that piece of the puzzle in isolation, we like to look at the bigger picture. We can’t possibly try to create the perfect exhibition stand design for your brand if we don’t know much about what you stand for and we think this is where we excel.

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An Exhibition Stand by 4-Site – It’s Time to Shine!

So let’s get back to your exhibition stand.  The sole purpose of your stand is to show you off!   We can provide Point-of-Sale stands to take your prospects seamlessly through the entire branding journey through to purchase.  We can create State-of-the-Art designs for you to get noticed at a busy trade exhibition. But whatever your stand is going to be, you want to be the peacock amongst the peahens.  

A stunning display of perfection, a blast of colour and creativity that stands out so proudly, everything else just fades to sea of bland brown that nobody notices. You don’t turn up to an event that you’re excited about, dressed in your pyjamas or a drab outfit – you plan out and pick an outfit that is perfect for you to make you feel great and your business deserves the same.  That’s all easy to say though isn’t it, but how does our 4-Site team do this?

We get to know you properly

We know this is the key piece of your puzzle – if we get this wrong, that puzzle we’ve lovingly pieced together and created for you may well stand out but it’ll be the wrong picture!  Our team of experts will start by really getting to know your brand, who you are, your history, your own journey and this will underpin everything we create for you. We know you’ll have a clear image in mind for your brand and ethos and we ensure they shine through in everything we create for you.  

Your branding will permeate through every detail in your stand so that it all ties together perfectly.  From luxury finishes to quirky designs, we’ll use our years of experience to think of everything, so that every single visitor to your stand will have absolutely no doubt about who you are and how you can be a solution to their needs. Your branding is your personality so we’ll ensure you make a perfect impression.

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We start with the end in mind

Once we have a strong understanding of exactly who you are, we get super clear about your objective and mission. Creating an exhibition stand is no longer as simple as popping up a nice little display with a few handouts for people to take away.  The constant engagement that everybody is exposed to in the digital world we now live in, means that even in a few seconds, people get a ‘hit’ of information that is enough for them to decide if they like you or not.  Whether you are worth their time.

Your stand needs to draw people to it and entice them to take the next step so you need to be totally clear what that next step is.  Your exhibition stand is part of their progressive path and needs to convey who you are, what you can do for them, and why they would want to choose you above all of the other companies also on display.  Our in-house graphics team will provide up-to-date conceptual designs and spec drawings to show you exactly how your stand will look. We understand how daunting it can be to hand over something that could go very wrong if there’s any crossed wires, so by seeking your approval on all of the concepts at every stage, you can relax knowing that nothing happens without your approval first.

Perfect Positioning

Your stand’s presence is more than it’s physical appearance.  Your display at an exhibition needs to show that you’re not only able to keep up with the competition, but that you’re ahead of the game.  Our team of experts sometimes know your journey before you’re there, so you can relax knowing that your stand will be on trend and perfectly positioned within your market.  You’ll be ahead of the times with high spec finishes, modular designs that get noticed – backing up that you know exactly what you’re doing for maximum impact in such a competitive market!  There’s no copies with a 4-Site display!

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Premium Quality Service and Finish

Last but most definitely not least is the superior quality of our designs.  We’ll project manage your display in-house from start to finish. This way we can guarantee that your display meets our exacting standards as well as meets the concise details of your brief to lure in your prospective customers.  From providing liveried vehicles to complement your display, through to the construction of the stand it will all be dealt with by our highly experienced team. Bespoke solutions and designs will all be built and created by our skilled craftsmen and our fitters can even dismantle your stand and package it carefully ready for use again at further exhibitions.  You want to show off your gorgeous display as much as you can now don’t you!

Contact Us For More Information On Exhibition Stands

We’re confident that by us working closely with you, your exhibition stand will wow your prospects not only aesthetically with a purely bespoke design, but subliminally reinforcing that what they see is what they get.  Distinction. And the same goes for us here at 4-Site. We love taking your ideas and bringing them to life – it’s our forte and the reason why so many companies trust us time and time again with not only their exhibition stands but with all of their marketing solutions.  If you’re looking for help with your marketing, whether it is designing your company a bespoke marketing suite or a unique building wrap , simply get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation as we’d love to help you stand out too.

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