The Benefits Of Site Hoardings

Today, regardless of whether you’re in the centre of London, the Essex countryside or further afield, construction sites are everywhere. While they’re necessary in order to build office space, homes and of course, improve our local areas, there’s no getting round the fact that they’re a dangerous place to be for the public.

With this in mind, strong and durable solutions must be created in order to protect the public and reduce things like injury and theft. Enter building site hoardings.

What Are Site Hoardings

Site hoardings, also known as construction hoarding or printed site hoardings are a form of temporary fencing. They’re used to create a strong perimeter around a construction site, to divide venues and restrict public access. They’re most commonly found at construction sites, parking lots, emergency relief sites and outdoor events.

Site hoardings, while a temporary measure, are a durable timber fence. They’re normally of a hardwearing nature and provide a solid means of giving the general public protection from what’s behind them. So what are the overall benefits of site hoardings?

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Trespassing Is Impossible

Current regulations have stated that contractors must take reasonable steps to prevent any unauthorised access to a construction site. Within these regulations however, it also states that there must be a system in place where controlled access is gained, say for instance, via a security gate.

Hoarding allows a check point such as this to be created, where workers and site visitors can have their ID checked and recorded, deliveries can be scheduled and the site managers know who’s on site at all times.

Equipment Is Protected From Theft

Site hoardings not only keep trespassers and the public out, they also keep your equipment and materials in. With one or two securely gated entries, theft is greatly reduced. Your equipment and materials stay exactly where they should be as thieves will find it near enough impossible to penetrate the hoardings. Moreover, thieves are often deterred at the mere sight of them.

Legal & Insurance Requirements Are Met

When it comes to construction sites, contractors are now obliged to plan a site and define its perimeters before having building site hoardings to fulfil current regulations.

Site Hoarding

Public Access Clearly Prohibited

As opposed to merely making unauthorised access to your site impossible, hoardings are there to make public access very clearly prohibited. Whether you use printed site hoardings to convey a message or simply the sheer enormity of the hoardings themselves to convey the image, site hoardings will make it very clear that public access is denied under all circumstances.

 Safety Standards Are Met

Site hoardings were actually first adopted when the 1974 Health and Safety At Work Act was passed. Though they weren’t then a mandatory feature, they did help all construction sites meet the requirements of the bill that stated the public should be protected from entering construction sites.

Many felt this was ambiguous and thankfully the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007 cleared things up by making hoardings a necessity when it came to site security and safety. Site hoardings are now considered industry standard.

Unrivalled Branding

The opportunity to use your site hoardings as a means of advertising is something you can’t ignore. Here at 4site Implementation, we specialise in advertising and promoting your developments by cladding your hoardings in our digitally printed, laminated 3mm ACM di-bond panels.

Our in-house production team print everything in our factory. They create eye-catching designs that grab attention and help generate leads by promoting the development and support marketing campaigns. This form of advertising can put your branding and advertisements in front of thousands upon of thousands of eyes and of course, potential customers.

With such advertising space virtually going free, you’d be foolish not to utilise it.

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