Rebrand Your Business With Our Signage Design

It’s always a good idea to carry out a periodic review of any business. You should review your company objectively in order to identify areas of growth along with areas where challenges are being seen.

It’s during these periodic reviews where one can identify stale growth. If you’ve identified such areas, it may be time to consider rebranding.

Rebranding Your Signage

One of the most cost-effective ways to rebrand is through updating signage. Despite the powerful world of social media and digital marketing, the right sign in the right place is still, very much one of the most effective strategies.

Rebranding through your signage can aid in boosting brand identity as well as increase interest, foot traffic and even sales. Just take a look at Burger King.

The Benefits Of Good Signage

A study carried out after their last major rebranding through signage highlighted almost a third of people only became aware of their new restaurants when they’d actually walked/driven passed it.

This dramatic change also found an increase in customers of around 10-15%. Whether it’s attracting a new demographic entirely or just reminding your current clients of your presence, rebranding can make a huge impact.

Rebrand With Signage Design

Where To Start With Rebranding And Signage Design

Once you’ve established how you want your company represented and what your message is, it’s time to look at signage design. By working with our signage designers, you can address both exterior and interior signage with professional design and branding experience.

 Exterior Signage

Many begin their rebrand by working on their exterior building sign design. Look at the type of font or lettering you’ve used and consider making an obvious change. For instance, if you’ve always used dimensional letters, consider the use of channel letters.

From architectural signs to building signs and wraps and even dimensional signs, there are countless ways to make a significant change and have customers notice you. Our signage designers will use their knowledge and experience to design the perfect exterior signage that not only represents your company in this new era but also portrays your message with clarity.

Interior Signage

To move in line with your exterior signage rebranding, your interior signage will need to follow in its footsteps. Our signage branders will ensure the overall vision is both engaging and works in line with the exterior signage.

The options for interior signage are numerous too, giving you plenty of room to experiment with the help of our designers. Think 3D and dimensional signs, window graphics, display logos and more.

Our interior signage design will also aid in directing your customers where you want them to go, which is ultimately the sales funnel.

Rebrand With Signage Design

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If you’d like to find out more information on rebranding your business through signage design, contact us today. Our signage designers have helped a multitude of companies rebrand through professional signage, both exterior and interior, with incredible results and can do the same for you too.

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Disclaimer : Our designers did not design the rebrand creative in some of the images used in this blog.