Branding Your Site Hoardings Could Increase Your Sales

Your construction site is a prime setting to help make your brand more recognisable than you realise. While it’s not as easy as placing a sign in a shop window, it’s certainly not as hard as you think. There are a number of ways that you can increase your branding and signage for a construction site, all of which will also help to increase sales of the final development. Here’s a rundown of just some of the best ways to do exactly that.

Site Hoarding

Bespoke Site Hoardings

Site hoardings are initially brought onto any construction site in order to hide the rather unsightly image of construction taking place. While they are important in a practical sense, they’re also a great opportunity to provide yourself with free advertising space in an amazing location. Hoardings are usually placed in order to keep pedestrians and cars out of the site, which means there’s inevitably going to be traffic nearby.

That’s potentially (dependent on the area) thousands of possible clients that could be seeing your advertisements every single day. Hoardings can prove to be an impressive sight and can be very visually appealing when designed right.

It’s worth spending time and a little more of your budget on creating site hoardings and working with a company that will showcase your brand at it’s finest. Increasing your brand awareness during the entire phase of construction will only lend itself to more interest. More interest means more potential clients looking at your development and subsequently, more sales further down the line.

Site Hoarding

Customise Your Building Wraps

Does your construction site have scaffolding around it? Will you be using building wraps? Then why not make the most of it and have branded building wraps. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring more attention to your brand and company, ultimately increasing sales. The majority of construction sites have large perimeters and are enclosed by temporary fencing or scaffolding.

These are perfect opportunities to place building wraps, which will be visible to everyone that passes by. Consider the fact that you’re often required to use building wraps on fences on most construction sites in order to limit debris and dust, it’s a great idea to forgo the cheaper option of plain cloth and make your building wraps work for you.

You may spend a little more with branded building wraps but the monetary value you’ll see in the long run, through increased sales, will be more than worth it. With people checking out your banners and branding every time they walk past, that’s an opportunity for brand awareness to increase continually.

Building Wrap The Rise

Increase Sales With Signage Design

From your marketing suite to the construction site itself, signage is a must. Take safety signs as an example; they’re required by law. Why not use this opportunity to increase your brand awareness with safety signs marked with your logo? Adding your branding onto signs not only makes them look more professional but also makes your company look more professional and more reputable as a result.

Customers are much more likely to buy from a company they feel are proficient in every area, paying attention to even the smallest of details shows you’ll be doing the same in every area of your development.

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Creating additional brand awareness and increasing sales isn’t something that will happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time but with the right site hoardings, the best signage design and building wraps, it’s a journey your company will complete with ease. For information on branded site hoardings, our design team here at 4Site Implementation and how we can help you, contact us today on 01268 540081.