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New Union Wharf Development

We all know that first impressions count for a lot but it’s easy to overlook just how vital those first seven seconds are – yes, we said it – just seven seconds for your customer to decide if they like, or even worse, dislike everything you stand for.

In the property world, each project has so many elements that need financially managing, that you only need one of these to deviate from its monetary course to send your finances into another bracket altogether.  It can be so tempting to want to cut corners to spare the coffers.  You’ve invested in the Market Research, Product Research, Concept and Product Design, Planning, Construction, Architecture, what’s trending, what’s not trending – okay, okay – you get the picture.

Quality Made Marketing Suites

So, it goes without saying that if you’ve lovingly created your masterpiece, you’re going to want to invest wisely in how it’s promoted.  The good old days of the property sales process starting with a portable cabin sporting a sign that you need to ‘hurry as there’s only two plots left’ when we all know there’s at least forty, just won’t cut it anymore.

Union Wharf Window Graphics

The Many Benefits Of Marketing Suites

The world is a buyers’ market now, so you need to make your seven seconds count, and this is no time to gamble with either your money or your seven seconds.  We’d even be bold enough to say that everything hinges on the impact of your Marketing Suite – if your buyer doesn’t like the look or feel of your introduction, how can you ever expect them to want to meet the product. 

So, talking of intro’s – that’s where we come in! With years of experience we know exactly how to create that wow factor your ‘next customers’ are expecting.  Forget seven seconds – if we’ve been involved they’ll have ‘sized you up’ in three!  We could easily sit here and regale you with plenty of facts and figures to dazzle you, but we feel that sharing the journey of our real-life successes is a far better way of inviting you into our world…

So, come on in and take a (beautifully branded) seat…

When we met our client L&Q on site, we already knew that we’d love to be working with them as we could instantly see how adding our expertise to their clear branding would bring their project to life.  With a tight brief providing a very clear outline of what L&Q wanted to achieve, we set to work on ensuring the welcome that visitors received made the perfect statement from the outset.


Understanding The Customer

The exciting thing about marketing is really getting into your customers heads before you’ve even met them – it’s just like a first date – what will they want to experience to like you?  You have to stimulate all of the senses – quality doesn’t just look nice, it feels amazing…

But let’s not jump the (nail) gun here! We’re not just about the final product.  Before we can get into your customer’s heads we’ll ensure we get to know you well first.  From the point of our arrival and conception of your brief, on to the professional co-ordination of the suite’s creation, right through to the sumptuous fruits of our labour, we’ll take care of every fine detail so that you don’t have to.  We can proudly walk our highly experienced talk through years of delivering exactly what is needed to stand out in today’s highly competitive market.

So – back to our marketing suite and the tickling of one’s senses (can you tell how much we enjoyed this?) … 

We had such bold colours to lavish the eyes with – the gold and navy branding gave 4site’s design team so much to play with.  Starting with the building’s approach we created bespoke external signage and illuminated hoarding with CGI bust outs to lure any unsuspecting passersby into this sumptuous haven.  The rich colours flowed through the furniture and interior design, instantly creating the luxurious theme we wanted the marketing suite to have. 


The New Union Brand was complemented perfectly by a beautiful gold laminate feature and bespoke handmade frames were used to house gorgeously crafted graphics.   Superior use of fittings and furniture to reflect the sheer quality of the product on sale included added touches like hand-built desks housing integrated drinks fridges.  Sensual fabrics covered handmade armchairs, enticing customers to stay a while and savour their surroundings with the seven second intro a distant memory as they subliminally loved where they were.

We loved our creation too.  It oozed quality throughout whilst repeatedly teasing the senses with connection upon connection of well-placed branding.  From the signage outside right through to the welcoming staff, every detail was perfectly aligned with the L&Q and the New Union Wharf brands.  No wonder the client said it was one of their best ever marketing suites!

We’re confident that superiority is what our seven seconds consistently evokes in our customers, we’d love to know where your seven seconds will take you.

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