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We see signage design around us every single day. It’s probably fair to say it’s an essential part of life. Whether we’re driving down the street or heading into an office building; you’re guaranteed to come across a huge array of signage. So how do we define signage exactly? Signage can be defined as any kind of graphic display that has the intention of conveying information to an audience.

Typically, signage tends to serve a handful of common agendas. They are to promote, to identify, to provide information, to give directions or to raise safety awareness. Here at 4site, we design and manufacture a multitude of different signs. Having done so for a number of years, here’s our guide giving you everything you need to know about signage design.

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Bespoke Signage Design

When it comes to our bespoke design services, whether it’s site hoardings or building wraps, there are 5 particular areas that we focus on. First and foremost we must focus on what it is you’re trying to achieve through signage.

This can be a myriad of things, from creating further brand awareness to letting the audience in on the products and services you have to offer. By establishing your main aim, we can then begin the process of designing your signage. Not before however, finding out what your signage needs to say. When it comes to signage, as with most things in life, less is more. Keeping it simple is always best and that’s the case for brand elements too.

Whether we’re talking safety signage or architectural signs, our advice is to utilise only 2-3 of the following brand elements from logo to service, phone number to website address etc. It’s important not to water down your message with too much information as it could mean your audience simply passing you by.

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Once the message has been established, it’s important to figure out who you want it to say to. Establishing a target market is essential for the simple fact that if you try to reach everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. Ask yourself, how does your target market think? What are their needs? Why do they want your products? By figuring out what influences them will help you (and our team of course) to make the right style decision and message.

Last but not least, ask yourself where is it going? Will your signage be set against building site hoardings or building wraps? Will it be safety signage adorning the interior walls of your office space? Obviously, the location of the signage will determine the size and therefore determine the design, ensuring it can be read and seen from every distance.

Will it be viewed from foot traffic or passing vehicles? Will it be seen from surrounding local businesses? Will it be seen by staff only? All of these questions and more, help us to create the most creative and the most effective signage designs possible and that’s what we do for our clients, each and every time.

Site Hoardings

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Signage covers a whole variety of different signs from site hoardings to safety signage and more. While they’re all very different, they all have one thing in common and that’s their importance to your overall site presentation. Quality signage design is paramount which is why many choose our expert team to create bespoke designs in-house.

Using our expert knowledge, we create lasting impressions to feed your customers expectations and create further awareness of your brand. We know only too well that first impressions count so make sure it’s a good one with our expert team here at 4site. Contact us today and please check out our gallery of previous design work.