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Lighting the Way with 4site and Zeta

As with all businesses, one of the key pieces of the process is the relationship that you build with your client. So, here at 4site, before we get to work on providing any of your signage or marketing services, we pride ourselves on getting to know you first.

In the same way that you can’t put a label onto a tin until you know what’s inside it, we ensure that we get to know you before we create your marketing solutions that the world will see. Any business can provide the highest spec designs or use the most exquisite materials, but their level of success is only as deep as their understanding of their clients’ needs and mission.  

It’s this blinkered focus on our clients’ needs that inspired Countryside Properties to start discussions with us when they needed a marketing solution of a different nature…

Illuminated signage

4-Site and Zeta light up the Marham Park Development

When Countryside Properties commissioned 4site for our help and expertise with the signage for their Marham Park development, it was due to the relationship that we had already forged with them.  As we had successfully worked with Zeta before we were confident that their creativity with lighting would make them our perfect partner on creating a solution here.

The importance of the branding and marketing with this particular development was paramount, as it was a brand new village-style development with new leisure facilities, allotments as well as green open spaces available to their residents.  

It is a significant development with 65 acres of parkland and open space being created with 1,000 new homes being constructed, so well-branded signage sharing the whole ethos definitely needs to be noticed on a site of this size.

Illuminated signage

First Impressions Count!

At 4site, we totally understand that when you’re launching something new, those first few seconds when people meet your brand are more important than ever.  You want to create resonance and generate interest, whilst invoking confidence in the quality of your product.

Countryside Properties were well aware of this when they contacted us to create the high-spec signage for Marham Park.  The slight challenge in this instance was that due to being in such an early stage of the development, the site had no on-grid connections to power any lighting.  

Time was also of the essence too…  

Countryside Properties were keen to let visitors know that the development was now open and used the wayfinding illuminated signage, produced and installed by 4site to direct visitors to the marketing suite and showhomes.

Shall we share how we got on?

Illuminated signage

Creative Solutions For Every Problem

The brief that Countryside Properties provided the 4site team with was to create totems at both entrances to the site, as well as the wayfinding signage within the development to facilitate an easy route to the marketing suite.

With an absence of on-site power, a creative solution was going to be needed as the cost of digging and running cables to the signs would have cost tens of thousands of pounds – clearly not the best solution in this case!  

But we also knew that a purely solar powered solution wasn’t the answer either.  This development was going to need a longer-term lighting provision and we’d only had limited success with solar-powered systems in the past.  With this in mind, our director Paul Brand quickly got to work researching other methods of providing the power needed to the totems and signage.

Illuminated signage

How We Created The Illuminated Signage

After consulting with various companies – Zeta Lighting Specialists impressed Paul with a previous lighting project they’d successfully powered using a combination of their Solar Signage Kit and a Light Guide Panel.

This ‘powerful combo’ of using Zeta’s patented Energy Management System (PS800 Controller) alongside the discreet aluminium backed PV Solar Panels would ensure that the signage was fully illuminated from dusk to dawn.  The clever system regulates the amount of power consumed by the LED lights during the night but augments the amount of power going to the long-life batteries during the day.

Having the confidence that the necessary lighting would be forthcoming, our 4site team set to work…

Creating two 2.5m x 5m totems to be located at the main entrance to attract passers-by, their size would definitely let the local world know that the site was well and truly open.  Three further totems were created of 2m x 4m within the development to help guide visitors to the marketing suite, plus a flint wall of 5m x 4m too.

The LGP’s were bespoke creations for each sign –  they were designed to provide shadow-free, uniform light distribution with each acrylic light unit having its own unique grid pattern etched into it.

Illuminated signage

Contact 4site To Learn About Illuminated Signage

As you can see, the result of 4site and Zeta’s creative monolithic signs being accompanied by flagpoles proudly flying the Countryside Properties flags is impressive.  You’d have no idea that the quality of lighting at this scale is off-grid – another classic example of how we can help you make a statement around the clock. Get in contact with our team today and see if we can help to create illuminated signage for your development.

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