Looking Into Getting A Marketing Suite?

Commercial marketing suites are used in a wide range of industries nowadays. Although some organisations set up commercial interiors in much the same way that a retail operator would, with shoplifters, this is not always the best approach, especially when the marketing suite has to appeal to a diverse audience. 

For example, a mixed development that has been constructed by a large developer may need a marketing suite that attracts interest from first-time buyers, families, investors and possibly commercial operators, among others. If so, you will want a marketing suite which has as broad an appeal as possible. 

How do modern marketing suite designers go about this?

4 Site Marketing Suite

Present a Customer Journey

Marketing is often about pushing potential clients down a sales channel, whether they appreciate this or not. Sound marketing suite design leads individuals towards a goal even before they step inside, for instance, with complementary signage and hoardings. 

The marketing suite’s interior design should be open at first but channel would-be customers towards greater detail as they progress through it, for example, with display boards which connect to one another offering narrative and interactivity. Subtle cues to make progress should be well thought-out, with the journey leading seamlessly to the end goal of a sale.

Marketing Suite

Augment Your Brand Awareness

Marketing suites should reinforce your corporate brand identity. In many cases, this will mean offering an image that is warm and welcoming but also one of strength. Photographic imagery that conveys this should be on display within the suite and you can replicate the sort of pictures you already have in your brochures without a great deal of expense nowadays. 

Reinforce your brand further by engraving any partitions or screens you have in your marketing suite with your company logo.

Keep It Clear of Clutter

It is crucial that marketing suites are designed with space to get up and move about so that visitors don’t feel crammed in. When you are outlining your ideas for your sales suite, it can be a mistake to think about all of the things you will want to do in it. 

However, you should concentrate on form as well as function and ensure the balance is right. When people are hemmed in with too many items of furniture and other objects, they end up feeling unwelcome which negates the whole idea of the suite. 

Does your marketing suite double up as an office? 

If a marketing suite doubles up as a site office – and many of them do – then it is essential that all of the back room jumble of coats, files and computer paraphernalia are kept out of sight. Clever storage design or partitioning makes this easier for staff to maintain, of course.

Use Lighting Effectively

Alongside bespoke display systems and furniture, probably the best way of making your marketing suite design stand out from others is the judicious use of lighting. 

These days, under-cabinet LED lighting can create a warm wash of colour – as well as light – across the interior of a sales suite. Commercial interiors often use LEDs which are matched to corporate colours, helping to reinforce brand identity, too. 

Such lighting must make your suite a functional place, of course, but the ability to add some sparkle with feature lighting really makes a difference compared to traditional sales suites.

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