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Your Guide To Construction Safety Signage

At 4Site Implementation, we produce a range of dynamic, eye-catching and often bespoke marketing signs and hoardings for our commercial clients. Since many of them are housing and commercial property developers, we are also frequently asked about construction site safety signage.

Although on very large sites, this can mean wayfinding signage for the various contractors and sub-contractors to be able to navigate their way about, it also comes down to the provision of high-quality safety signage. This is a legal requirement and the team at 4Site can help you with meeting your obligations. 

Read on to find out more about how we can help with construction site safety signage across the UK.

Safety Signage

Why Install Site Safety Signage?

The law says that construction sites must have appropriate safety signage for a good reason – it makes them safer for both people working on the site as well as visitors.

Construction sites are hazardous places, after all. Of course, safety signage is a mandatory requirement on any construction site but what you need to display will differ according to the characteristics of the site concerned. 

All of your chosen signs need to inform workers of any risks they might face as well as offering an indication of what they need to do to remain safe. For example, where falling debris may be an issue a sign saying that hard hats are a requirement ought to be clearly on show.

In addition, signage should help people easily navigate the site in an orderly fashion, demonstrating safe routes for motorised vehicles and pedestrians as well as emergency escape routes.

Safety Signage

We Offer A Selection Of Marketing Solutions

We know that for you to market your product, you’re actually marketing ‘you’ and whilst not everyone realises this, we definitely do. Whether you are looking for Signage Design, Furniture Manufacture or the design of your entire Marketing suite, here at 4Site we know that from its initial concept, right through to the final delivery or sale of your product, there is a little piece of you in every stage.

The role of any successful marketing solution is to let the world know that. So, many other businesses say it’s nothing personal but we beg to differ – it’s totally personal!

This is why we spend quality time with each and every one of our clients.  We really get to know you, so that we can understand your journey – on how your concept was created and what your vision is, who are your ideal clients?  What is the resonance you’re looking for in such a busy environment.

Construction Site Safety Signage Regulations

There is no cover-all method of providing adequate safety signage at a building site. All projects differ and, consequently, so do their risks. Using a sign that is right for one site may be inappropriate for another. Equally, a safety sign that is displayed correctly in one part of a construction site may not be the right thing to put up elsewhere on a site – even though it may all be part of the same project. 

In short, the regulations state that your safety signage needs to be appropriate for the function at hand but they don’t specify exactly what you need to show. Rather like conducting a risk assessment, it depends on the activities going on nearby, the degree of risk and the likelihood – or otherwise – of an accident occurring.

What is laid down in the regulations, however, is how the signage ought to look, which colours denote which sort of activities are being discussed and which symbols must be used.

Safety Signage

How Can 4Site Help With Your Construction Site Safety Signage?

We work with developers and site managers all the time to help them with marketing and safety signage. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in both aspects of signage. We can produce ‘off-the-peg’ safety signs for you and also make signage that covers specific needs.

Ask us for our Construction Site Safety Signage Manual. In it, you will be able to see all of the relevant reference numbers for different images you might need to display on your safety signs. Simply select the ones you need and we will produce the signage you require, ready to ship to site.

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