Beaulieu, Countryside

Countryside is a RIBA Stirling prize-winning housing developer based in Essex. Along with L&Q, one of London’s largest developers, and several other house builders, the two companies began working on the construction of a new community rich with inspirational architecture and landscaping in 2001.

The vision in the masterplan was to produce a vibrant new district in the city of Chelmsford. With a blend of three, four and five-bedroom homes and a range of tenure types, Beaulieu Park – now marketed simply as Beaulieu – is a large project that will, in the end, see 3,400 new homes built.

4Site Implementation lay at the heart of the visual marketing campaign from 2010 onwards and we have been working closely with the developers from the ‘Coming Soon’ stage of the development ever since.

Site Presentation

One of the key issues from our perspective was supporting the interests of several housebuilding firms working on the same development. As such, we have had to operate in a demonstrably fair manner. This has meant that the visual language of the site presentation at Beaulieu has needed to be consistent so that potential buyers can always feel ‘at home’ with the marketing cues they pick up on.

And yet, 4Site’s professionals also needed to leverage their expertise to ensure that each parcel of the project was consistent with each of the developers’ marketing styles. This was carried out successfully including the commercial part of the development in the middle of the site, known as Beaulieu Square.

Our Strategic Signage systems were a key part of this approach, reinforcing the Beaulieu brand while ensuring there were no undesirable disputes between housebuilders who are, in the end, in competition with one another.

Multi-Phase Development Marketing

4Site has provided extensive ongoing assistance to the various marketing teams operating at Beaulieu. Partly, this is because the project’s 600 acres have been developed from the front of the site towards the back. As such, routes in and out to phases as they went live have changed repeatedly, creating a significant challenge for wayfinding signage that we met at every turn.

This is why adaptability had to be built into every wayfinding product we produced so that it can be redeployed with ease. Equally, up to three phases of the development can be at the marketing stage at any one time. Consequently, clarity surrounding direction giving and branding have been paramount so that potential buyers are never confused or put off.

High-Tech Specifications

As well as the provision of modular hoardings and temporarily deployed signage, Beaulieu’s developers demanded some highly specified marketing solutions. Some of these came down to the sort of marketing suites we designed and constructed with integrated play areas for children, for example.

In addition, 4Site was at the forefront of providing solar-power lighting systems to augment the site’s visual marketing, particularly at the entranceways to the development, a cost-effective and eye-catching approach.

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