The Many Benefits of Advertising Hoardings

An advertising hoarding – perhaps one that promotes a brand around a building site or which is placed in a public space to catch the attention of passers-by – provides plenty of benefits to the firm that has installed it. 

Unlike billboard advertising – which tends to be located in the same, run-of-the-mill locations, close to public transport infrastructure – advertising site hoardings can be installed in temporary settings to maximise their impact. 

As such, they are perfect marketing solutions around new developments where developers need to create a barrier between the site and the public spaces beyond it anyway. What are the main advantages of installing advertising hoardings for your brand?

Stratford Works Site Hoarding & Signage

Site-Specific Advertising

Firstly, promotion hoardings are often less in-your-face than billboard adverts which have to conform to standard sizes and which are, generally speaking, designed to be viewed from a distance. With tailored advertising hoardings that have been designed and manufactured to meet your particular requirements, they can be fitted in a site-specific manner. 

This might mean, the hoardings have dimensions that meet your site’s security fencing, for example, or so that they are designed to fit in with your office headquarters or sales marketing suite. In short, billboard advertising is a one-size-fits-all solution whereas advertising hoardings are tailored to work hand-in-glove with particular local circumstances.

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Make an Immediate Impact

Simple but long-lasting messaging is another key aspect of advertising hoarding which should not be overlooked. Just by designing them in your brand’s preferred livery, it becomes possible to generate the sort of messages you want to convey. 

With the addition of bold, stylish graphics and lettering, this can be reinforced, of course. Whatever it is you want your hoardings to say about your business, hoardings provide the opportunity to do it effectively, creating a lasting impression, in many cases.

Messaging for Everyone to See

Of course, advertising hoardings require no investment from people who see them. In other words, they work in all circumstances and at all times. If you compare that to a newspaper, magazine or TV advert, then the person you want to communicate with needs to proactively engage with the media concerned. 

Even an unread message on an advertising hoarding will have some form of impact on passers-by. This is sometimes for no other reason than it simply looks professional – the sort of thing that can promote your brand identity in an unconscious manner.

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Flexible, Round-the-Clock Marketing

Constant exposure to the public is another big plus point of advertising hoardings. Not only are you in complete control with them, but you can expect to be noticed year round. This is the case every day of the week, too, of course. 

With specialist advertising hoardings that make use of digital displays or even LED lighting, you can even expect them to keep functioning for you once it has got dark – perfect for sites which continue to generate a footfall throughout the so-called night time economy. 

Given that you can also alter your hoardings to local circumstances – such as adding temporary messages like ‘last units left’ or ‘new to the market’ – this makes advertising hoardings an incredible versatile medium for making a contribution to your overall marketing strategy.

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