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5 Things To Know About Visual Marketing

Every image, every colour used makes up part of what’s known as your visual branding. Every single thing a customer sees, from photographic images to logos, fonts and signage design; these are all key to your current marketing campaigns and marketing overall.

Whether they’re seen via social media or your marketing suite, via building hoardings surrounding your construction site or even scaffold wraps, done right and visual marketing can make the difference between making it within your industry and not.

As they say a picture says a thousand words, which makes your visual branding strategy all the more important. Visual branding is so powerful in fact, that it often exceeds every aspect of a company’s presence within the market place. 

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Visual Branding The Right Way

Visual marketing provides you with a channel for instant communication and as such, is a powerful tool; one you want to utilise as best you can. Here are 5 things you need to know in order to ensure you use this tool effectively.

  1. It’s Part Of Your Branding – as stated previously, every image, every visual cue of any kind is part of your branding. It becomes part of your company and what people recognise; think of McDonald’s golden arches. The combination of colour, fonts and imagery you use will become one of the most important factors in any marketing and advertising campaign you carry out. They’ll offer instant communication as well as a sense of familiarity. They evoke an emotive response, in most cases without the intended eyes even realising it’s doing it. It most cases, it’s the logo or branding that will actually convert the sale.
  2. Visual Guidelines Are Important – to create a truly effective campaign, you must set out guidelines and adhere to them. You need to provide consistency within the visual cues you put out there. That means no matter where your brand is encountered, it’s instantly recognised. If not customers will either assume your products are as inconsistent as your branding or worse still, won’t recognise you at all. Just remember to be correct and be consistent.
  3. Don’t Overload Your Campaign – it’s natural to want to share new imagery or new products as much as possible but you run the risk of simply overloading your consumers. The last thing you want to do is overload an advertisement too much, or overload your website with too much information. Simply give them what they want and need to know. Repetition is of course important but just be mindful that you aren’t overloading consumers to the point of overwhelming them.
  4. Measure Your Marketing – all of your visual marketing needs to be measureable. Testing is critical to ensure your visual branding is actually evoking the response you want it to. If you have the time and resources available, we suggest you test out the options before launching your campaign. During your campaign however, you can use things such as social media analytics to give you better insight.
  5. Change Isn’t Always The Enemy – it may be necessary at some point to break the brand guidelines you set yourself but that’s ok. Sometimes adding in a new visual element to your marketing campaign can be a great marketing strategy in itself. It’s just important to exercise caution for the simple fact that you still want your brand to be recognisable. Unfavourable changes can also lead to media backlash or even misconceptions about your brand altogether.
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If you’d like advice or guidance when it comes to your visual branding, contact the experts at 4site Implementation today. With years of experience within this specific sector, 4site have not only the knowledge but the innovative thinking to create the visual branding strategy you need to catapult your campaign and ensure your brand is instantly recognised for all the right reasons.

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